Horse of the woods

Horse of the woods


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“Scotland is blessed with an abundance of marvellous creatures great and small which inhabit land, water and air. Here is an introduction to one of the native Scottish species which features in our fantastic Scottish Wildlife Series ebook.

Meet the capercaillie, one of the most iconic Scottish wildlife species, and yet also one of its most elusive. This large wood grouse inhabits Scottish native pinewoods and conifer plantations. The male of the species, with its inky plumage, fanned tail, gleaning turquoise breast and crimson fringed eyes, is a particularly striking sight.

Unfortunately the increasingly scarcity of these habitats makes spotting these birds quite difficult. So much so in fact, that it faces a real possibility of extinction and currently features on the ‘Red List’. But there is still a chance you could catch sight of one! Even if you’re more likely to hear rather than see it.

During the ‘lekking’ or mating season which lasts from around March to the end of June, listen carefully and you might hear the distinctive call of the male – best described a low-decimal series of ‘clicks and ‘pops’ – to lure potential mates. Autumn is also a prime time to try a catch a glimpse of these shy birds before they vanish to hibernate for the winter.

Download our Scottish Wildlife Series ebook now to learn more fascinating facts about these magnificent birds and five other favourite Scottish animals.”

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