Would you walk around the world with your dog?

Would you walk around the world with your dog?

Great big story

Who better to see the world with than your best friend? Especially when your best friend is a dog. Tom Turcich of New Jersey and his adorable pooch Savannah have walked over 18,000 miles through the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Italy, Turkey and dozens of other countries over the past five years. It’s been a life-changing adventure. They’ve survived hardship, and they’ve experienced the kindness of strangers along the way. And they’ve still got miles to go.

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • Across 35 different countries
  • Over the past five years
  • Off the beaten track
  • How fleeting life was
  • Make the most of things
  • To travel and experience humanity
  • An extra pair of shoes
  • A few essential items
  • To embark on this journey
  • An adoption canter
  • They crossed their first border into Mexico
  • 24 miles a day for 72 days
  • They faced some challenges
  • Super humid
  • Some locals helped them
  • The power of beauty in the kindness of complete strangers
  • A cross road
  • Gave us dinner and put us up
  • They took a boat to Antarctica
  • Everything in abundance
  • A magical place
  • I thought I knew a lot about myself
  • Little villages in the desert in the mountains in the jungle
  • Spend time with their family
  • That’s universal