A great facility for the community

A great facility for the community

New Covent Garden Market

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video

  • Over 40 years
  • Re-development
  • Giving to the community
  • Sports facilities
  • State of the art football pitches
  • Thriving with young people
  • From the neighborhood and beyond
  • A great facility for the community
  • Come and enjoy themselves
  • Part of the community
  • Should be able to invest in it
  • The community is going to grow
  • A great way for them to socialise
  • Due to lack of facilities
  • Difficult circumstances
  • In the heart of the community
  • Making a much much safer, cleaner, nicer, brighter place
  • For the local community

Unbelievable !

Unbelievable !

[BBC Three]

When you’re unable to go to a match you rely on the skill and expertise of football commentators. Yet sometimes, if you turn away from the TV and just listen to what they’re saying it can become a little bit confusing. Are they really talking about the game in front of them?

Sports commentator Job Profile :

Sports commentators describe what’s happening at sporting events to listeners and viewers and offer their opinions.

You can get into this career :
by training as a journalist and then specializing in sports
by commentating on sports at a local level with or without a degree or background in journalism
after having a career as a sports professional

To build a network of industry contacts and to get experience, you could also:

volunteer to commentate on charity events like fun runs
commentate for amateur matches at schools, college or for local teams
record commentary for websites or internet radio stations
volunteer for community, hospital or student radio, or TV
get a placement or internship

Skills required
You’ll need:
excellent communication skills
a clear voice and good pronunciation
confidence when talking to large numbers of people
good research skills
the ability to react quickly to unexpected situations