Because LOVE has no expiry date

Because LOVE has no expiry date

Oz Harvest Org


OzHarvest has opened Australia’s first ever ‘rescued’ food supermarket –  The OzHarvest  Market – in Kensington, Sydney. Positioned on the ground floor of the TOGA Addison Project, the market aims to make rescued food and other goods available for everyone, especially those in need, by operating on a ‘take what you need, give if you can’ model.      READ MORE

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • Like no supermarket you’ve known before
  • No price tags
  • No sale signs
  • No 2 for 1 specials
  • Simply take what you need
  • Give if you can
  • Restaurants and caterers
  • Surplus food
  • It would end up wasted
  • People in need