Make other people happy

Make other people happy

[great big story]

Some of the best roses in the world bloom in Kenya. While the country is widely known for its scenic national parks and wildlife reserves, it’s also a major flower producer. Winnie Gathonie Njonge is the production manager at Nini Flowers, which sits on the shores of Lake Naivasha. She knows all there is about growing perfect roses and oversees the harvesting of 300,000 to 450,000 a day. “The ultimate goal of growing roses is to make other people happy,” she says. It brings her joy to know the roses she cultivates are sent to the United States, Japan and other countries, spreading love and beauty all over the world. This Great Big Story was made possible by  Kenya Tourism

Vocabulary in chunks

  • Make other people happy
  • I’m responsible for 630,000 roses
  • The climate and fresh water supplier
  • The growers here work extra hard
  • The roses that end up in bouquets
  • We harvest between 300,000 in a day to 450,000
  • Various colours
  • Kenya is a centre for these flower
  • Rose production has flourished in the region
  • Over the last few decades
  • These roses are shipped off to Europe, Japan and the US
  • Many other worldwide destinations
  • She heads back to work
  • To create more beautiful bouquets