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Compared to their counterparts in the United States and beyond, Finnish students start school later in life, go home earlier each day, and do less homework. So what makes their education system one of the finest in the world? It all comes down to one simple but powerful concept : trust.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video
• We have less homework
• Shorter school days
• Kids don’t start school until they are seven
• How do we do it?
• Trusting teachers
• Trusting schools and municipalities
• Teachers are independent
• If you want to build trust you have to give space and freedom
• It’s an ongoing discussion
• Every teacher writes a curriculum
• A common vision
• Parents, principals and teachers work together
• Students take more responsibility of their learning
• To plan, to set goals, to evaluate
• Students should be in the centre of learning
• Teachers should facilitate and activate student
• The relationship between the teacher and student

Learning not for school – but for life

Learning not for school – but for life

Explore the Finnish education system and its success factors.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :
• Lifelong learning begins in early childhood
• High-quality education
• Equal learning opportunities
• Education is free
• Guidance and counseling
• Forward-looking learning methods
• Advanced digital applications to engage learners
• Coding, reading, writing and arithmetic
• Out of the classroom, into the world
• Vocational education and training
• Straight to work life
• Capable and committed teachers
• 100% of Finnish teachers hold a Master’s degree
• Teacher-student interaction
• Lifelong learning is encouraged
• Learning not for school – but for life

Trust yourself completely

Trust yourself completely



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