Swimming in ice cold water ! Would you take the plunge ?

Swimming in ice cold water ! Would you take the plunge ?



Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh is training for the hardest swim of his life, a kilometer across a lake on the Antarctic ice sheet. in order to raise awareness for climate change.

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • He swims to protect and preserve our oceans
  • Most hostile waters
  • ¬†A new challenge
  • Super glacial lake, on top of the ice sheet
  • As a result of climate change
  • Facing extreme conditions
  • Not only will the water be absolutely freezing but the air temperature could easily reach in the -30
  • Right on the edge of human endurance
  • Totally frozen
  • For over a decade
  • By far the toughest swim in my life
  • You many have noticed that
  • A wet suit or dry suit
  • You’ve got to be bravado ( a show of courage)
  • I’m urging world leaders
  • Taking important hard decisions
  • Speedo swimming trunks
  • They grab peoples attention and lead to real change
  • Agreed to protect
  • Straight after this swim
  • No industrial fishing
  • Allowing this area to recover¬† and restore itself





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