Work from any home

Work from any home


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How to make the perfect scrambled eggs

How to make the perfect scrambled eggs

Jamie Oliver

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • What’s funny about that?
  • How old are you young man?
  • Really fantastic scrambled eggs
  • Buddy does  on his own
  • A couple times a week
  • I taught him how to use a knife properly
  • How to make the perfect scrambled eggs
  • Ready, steady, action
  • Cut some bread
  • Keep it nice and straight
  • Cut it in half
  • Put it in my toaster
  • Now we can move on to the eggs
  • Dad taught me a trick
  • Whisk up the eggs
  • Until its all mixed up
  • It’s better to make a big batch
  • Add a knob of butter
  • Swirling the butter around the pan
  • When it starts to sizzle
  • Keep moving it
  • You don’t want to undercook it
  • Overcooked
  • Not too soggy and not to hard
  • Now its done
  • To spoon onto your bread
  • Take it off the heat
  • Enough for three portions
  • Add some salt, some pepper
  • See you later guys
How to tie a bow tie

How to tie a bow tie

[the hill side]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Real easy
  • Swing it over in front of the short side
  • Back side comes out to the left
  • Fold those in front like a butterfly
  • The dangling piece
  • Have faith this is going to work out
  • Almost there
  • Give them a tug
  • Look at yourself in the mirror, smile