A Birthday to Remember

A Birthday to Remember

Watch the following video :


bug snacks
kin community

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • In honor of this huge and happy celebration
  • Favorite party ideas
  • Bug snacks
  • When my daughter turned one
  • Great idea to throw a lady bug picnic
  • Sandwich crackers
  • Spread cream cheese over the top
  • A cherry tomato and slice it in half
  • Food coloring
  • Next up are the spiders
  • Twist apart
  • Break them in half
  • A little dollop of peanut butter
  • Colorful candy pieces
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • How adorable is that
  • Fruits and veggies
  • A butterfly display
  • A huge bug buffet
  • Anything that looks like a garden
  • I hope you have a fabulous birthday celebration


Have you got a toothbrush? || DIY project

Have you got a toothbrush? || DIY project

Watch the following video :


Vocabulary to learn after watching video :

  • This tutorial is how to make these chunky acrylic bracelets
  • They bright and colorful and they are made of toothbrushes
  • I used to make these all the time when I was 10
  • They’re really colorful and super 80’s
  • Really really easy to make
  • Some toothbrushes, some pliers, a pot of water
  • For safety you will also need a small towel or other mitts as well as heat-resistant tongs
  • Children should not do this project without the help of an adult
  • Rip out all the bristles
  • Check them every so often to see if they’re  pliable
  • I’m going to fish that  out, grab it with the dishcloth
  • I’m going to dip that back in for a few seconds
  • Bend the toothbrush head
  • I’m going to twist it a little bit first
  • Start shaping it into your bracelet
Stylish Hairstyle – Twist Around Side Braid

Stylish Hairstyle – Twist Around Side Braid

Watch the following video :

Twis around braid

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

It feels like spring time

If you’re on the go

I don’t spend a lot of time doing my hair

Some hair elastic bands

Pulling my hair on one side

Put it in a pony tail

Divide this into two, take the ends and then pull them through this opening

Work my way down

Repeat the first steps

Split the hair in two

Grab the end and then pull it through the opening

Pull it through the other side

You can even do this in class while you’re listening to your teacher

It’s super fast and easy

Perfect for everyday

Can you make Nutella stuffed Cronut Holes?

Can you make Nutella stuffed Cronut Holes?

CRONUT is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by Chef Dominique Ansel and trademarked by his Bakery in New York

Watch the following video  for the recipe :

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

We find the latest food crazes

The most amazing culinary creations

We show you how to recreate them at home

You could cut to the chase and make the Cronut Holes

Biscuit cutter

For the dough we’re going to use croissant rolls

One on top of each other to form a rectangle

These are the perfect size for snacking

Fry them in oil

For 30-45 seconds

Once these turn gold

Put them on a paper towel and let them drain

Once they are cold but still warm, roll them in granulated sugar

These are delicious as is with just a little bit of sugar

We are going to fill them with Nutella

Put some Nutella in a piping bag fitted with a tip

Chocolate spread

This is so much fun

It’s almost like making cream cups, except way better

These Cronut Holes are so delicious

You can change the fillings and add almond butter, peanut butter or even my favorite cookie butter

We’ll see you next time, bye


The Nutella stuffed Cronut Holes I made :

Home made cronuts Cronut 2