I live in the most beautiful place on Earth

I live in the most beautiful place on Earth

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Wanderlust Greece wandered around Evia and Skyros. 11 days of joyful and creative shooting brought to life to the many highlights of these destinations… starting from the iconic suspension bridge of Chalkida and heading into the heart of Evia where we discover cultural gems and inspiring nature, even an exotic coastline that resembles a tropical paradise.

We moved on to Skyros, an island of long-standing traditions and customs, and unspoilt beaches for those who value the “throw a towel on the sand and dream the day away” kind of summer holiday experience.

And then it’s back to the mainland for many more cultural and natural highlights. Running as a constant theme throughout is the mouth-watering local food and agricultural produce that represent both the destination and the people we encounter.

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

Surrounded by the sea and mountains
Greece gave birth to the traveler
Keep on discovering
In our own way
Far away lands
Greece’s second biggest island
Connected to the mainland
Feel the relationship with nature
When places start to look alike
No two are the same
Surrounded by greenery
First person to ever discover them
Kind and warmhearted
Slow paced island life
The unique Skyrian horses
A sense of freedom and wonder
You become part of it
It becomes part of you
It fills your heart
That golden feeling of Wanderlust