The iPad Magician

The iPad Magician

Watch the following video :

iPad Magician

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

He can make a spider crawl out of his screen

Make an iPad fly like a balloon

Has “ wowed” crowds around the world

I love doing tricks

I can bring it out of the screen

I can easily change it

It’s different from traditional magic

Digital illusions

He has already mastered some classic magic skills, like slide of hand

He works with a Software Developer, to plan his tricks in minute detail

The art of digital magic

His career took off in 2002 when he was named German Magic Champion

I set myself a goal

I was travelling around America with a friend

Our car kept breaking down

I wanted to be on TV with millions of people watching my tricks

Has been posting videos on YouTube, they have been viewed my millions of people

He is known as the iPad Wizard on Social Media Sites

Weird and wonderful new tricks

Even in the digital age people are still fascinated by the power of magic

Another iPad Magic Trick (fastest selfie ever)


Fastest Selfie