Weekly photo challenge – Numbers

Weekly photo challenge – Numbers


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Number Idioms :

go fifty-fifty (on something)

  •     to divide the cost of something in half

    I decided to go fifty-fifty on a new camera with my friend.

it takes two to tango

  •     if a problem or an argument involve two people then both people are responsible for the problem

    It takes two to tango and my friend should not blame me for all of our problems.

nine times out of ten

  •     almost always

    Nine times out of ten a small computer problem can be easily fixed.

on cloud nine

  •     very happy about something

    My sister has been on cloud nine since she won the money in the contest.

split (something) fifty-fifty

  •     to split or divide something into two equal parts

    We split the profits from our business fifty-fifty.

look like a million dollars

  •     look very good

    My mother looked like a million dollars when she left the hospital.

source : Idiom connection
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