Discover Your Potential

Discover Your Potential

 [Alyce Tzue]

Soar  was created as Alyce Tzue’s thesis project in school. What began as a toil of love by first-time filmmakers ended up catching the eyes of festivals all over the world. Soar is the proud 2015 Gold Winner of the 42nd Student Oscars, Best Student Animation Winner at Palm Springs, Finalist at the Student BAFTAs, and has screened in the Hamptons, St. Louis, Seoul, Austin, and more.

An interview with the writer / director :

 [soar film]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • A short film
  • It’s a story about a young girl
  • Like he’s very very tiny
  • He comes from a world in the sky
  • She’s really into engineering
  • As we progressed
  • Really really dedicated team members come on board
  • The story and the visuals
  • My demo reel
  • Makes it that much more professional looking
  • You really have to put collaboration as your number one concern
  • Make as many contacts as I can
  • Another idea for a short
  • It’s a huge lift to my personal self esteem
  • Direct a project
  • If I can do it once then I can do it again

Soar – The official Website