Books on wheels

Books on wheels


Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • At about 3 books a week I probably read over 50 books
  • Sit around with nothing to do
  • Just stare off into space
  • A leisure time activity
  • There are a lot of misconceptions about people who are living outside
  • Interested in literature
  • They haven’t been to college
  • There are many assumptions that people make
  • Part of the Street Books’ mission
  • To restore the dignity of people who have been cast aside
  • To put at the margin of things
  • Patrons are often grateful for the opportunity
  • Get the books, get the stories
  • We have short stories, long stories, true stories, love stories, war stories

Street Books is a bicycle-powered traveling library that serves homeless people in Portland, Oregon. Librarians bike to select locations where people can borrow books without having to show ID or proof of address Read more @ Street Books

Do it with full heart

Do it with full heart

[Happen Films]

“Lou started the Food is Free laneway in Ballarat just over a year ago.

When Lou moved to a big property, she started growing far too many vegetables to use herself, “I was sharing them with neighbours and friends and ran out of people to give it to. I realised I should start sharing with the local community”.

Lou figured out that the easiest place to start her movement would be the laneway next to her house. She now gets anywhere from 20 to 100 visitors a day to her laneway, “It enabled me to know all of my neighbours now and made me feel much more connected to the community”. There are about four spaces in Ballarat now and also in Castlemaine, Bendigo, Gippsland and right across to Perth. “It’s not about food, it’s about connecting. People come and don’t even take food, they just come for the conversations. Gardening is so wonderful for mental health and wellbeing. It’s really become quite a little hub and it’s really lovely to see that.”[Australian of the Day]

Follow Lou’s #foodisfree stories HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :
  • Food is free laneway
  • Guerilla  gardening
  • Utilizing a space beside my property
  • Where food is dropped off, food is grown and food is taken
  • A food swap
  • Grow their own produce
  • It blows people’s minds
  • An avid gardener
  • Growing way too much produce
  • People caught on and realized what it was all about
  • #Food is free
  • Explaining what it was all about
  • It’s taken a year to organically grow
  • Up to 100 people a day
  • You can’t define who comes through the lane
  • Can’t quite make rent
  • Pay the school fees
  • That is what the lay way is all about
  • It’s actually showing human kindness
  • My property was up for sale
  • A local concerned citizen
  • A philanthropic view-point
  • Express my gratitude to this lady
  • An occasional chat by the litter box
  • With my immediate neighbors
  • Go out for dinner together
  • They are so inspired
  • Do it with full heart
  • Encourage as many people as possible
  • A small, simple, effective, grassroots, straight to the heart story
  • Give it your best,
  • Many many more all around the world
  • On every street corner
Farm from a box

Farm from a box

Farm from a box

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • A fully integrated farming unit
  • Sustainable crops for food security
  • Income generation
  • Shipping container
  • 2 acre plot of land
  • Feed 150 people
  • A complete diet every year
  • The technology will unfold
  • Best practices and technology
  • A customized unit
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Provide power
  • Labor saving technologies
  • It is engineered to optimize available water resources
  • Conserve water
  • Boost crop production
  • Extend the local growing season
  • The community’s living standards will be improved
  • Dependent on food aid
  • Overcome challenges with self-sufficiency and empowerment

Community Farming Reinvented

Farm from a Box provides communities with the tools required to grow their own food and earn an income. Built from a modified shipping container, each unit contains a complete ecosystem of smart farm technologies to enhance agricultural productivity; from renewable power and micro-drip irrigation, to Information and Communications Technology. Read more HERE