Wood, concrete, steel and light

Wood, concrete, steel and light

In coffee shops all over the world, the same set of design elements keep popping up. What is happening? This week, Quartz News looks at the global look that’s part Starbucks, part Silicon Valley, and very “Brooklyn.” If you’re in cities like Mumbai, São Paulo, Seoul, Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos—anywhere, really—you might notice something: coffee shops are starting to look the same. Distinctive design elements—Edison bulbs, reclaimed wood, potted plants, exposed brick—are popping up in coffee shops everywhere. It isn’t just the design of these spaces that are becoming increasingly uniform. The expectation of enjoying beautiful, artfully-decorated, high-quality coffee has spread to places as far-flung as Auckland, New Zealand, and Atyrau, Kazakhstan. (To understand this, just follow #latteart on Instagram.) While it’s debatable where this look originated, it has come to be associated with one place: Brooklyn, New York.

Come have coffee with us !

Come have coffee with us !


Have coffee with Anna and practice your English with friends! Build your confidence to practice English in the real world!

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the phrasal verbs ‘catch up’, ‘cut down’ and how to offer to pay the bill!


How do you drink your coffee?

How do you drink your coffee?

William Hanson

Join etiquette expert William Hanson to learn about the many different accoutrements in the world of proper coffee making.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• A nation of tea drinkers

• Proper coffee
• Which requires all these accoutrements
• First thing in the morning
• Coffee beans
• Fresh ground coffee
• Cafetière
• A coffee cup
• It is completely round
• A dinner party
• Wide awake
• Demitas cup
• Demitas spoon
• A brown sugar
• A molasses sugar
• Serving milk
• Frothed milk
• Froth away until your heart’s content
• Don’t dunk it in your coffee ‘cause that is common
• Ready ground beans

Is your world powered by coffee?

Is your world powered by coffee?

[London Evening Standard]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • Made out of coffee grounds
  • Solid Bio-fuel
  • It is used as a log
  • Put it in your stove, barbecue, chimney
  • Wood burning stove
  • Waste coffee grounds
  • Collect them from all across London
  • I think its crucial to use waste
  • There is no such thing as waste
  • It’s simply a resource but in the wrong place
  • The coffee log product is literally half the price of conventional fuels
  • Much much cheaper than coal and much much cheaper than wood
  • It saves them a lot of money
  • Doing something good for the environment
  • Turn it into a fuel
  • Heat their coffee shop


Bio-bean® is the first company in the world to industrialise the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals. We work within the existing energy and waste infrastructure, developing sustainable products and solutions to displace conventional fuels and chemicals.

About Coffee Logs :

Coffee Logs are a clean, cheap, local and sustainable alternative to dirty, imported fuels and can be used in a wide range of different appliances such as wood burning stoves, chimneys, BBQs, pizza ovens, smokers or just on an open fire.   Read more HERE




They call it madness

They call it madness

McDonald’s UK

Madness, madness, they call it madness
Madness, madness, they call it madness
It is plain to see, that is what they mean to me
Madness, madness I call it gladness

Cecil Bustamente Campbell OD (24 May 1938 – 8 September 2016), known professionally as Prince Buster, was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and producer. The records he released in the 1960s influenced and shaped the course of Jamaican contemporary music and created a legacy of work that would be drawn upon later by reggae and ska artists. READ MORE

A cup of Mexican coffee

A cup of Mexican coffee


Learn how to make this Mexican classic that will add a kick to your coffee routine. The blend of spices and cocoa perfectly complement the coffee, resulting in a delicious beverage.

 [Starbucks Coffee]
Love coffee, love nature

Love coffee, love nature

  [Fabien Scheiwiller]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Coffee to go
  • A paper cup
  • Convenient and cheap
  • Most of these cups end up in a landfill rather than being recycled
  • To solve this problem once and for all
  • The smart design allows for it to be folded up
  • The effort will be rewarded with a 20% discount
  • They are aimed to putting an end to paper cup waste
  • It’s available at selected shops in your city
  • It works with a network of partners in the cities of the world
  • The map will pop up