Let us re-imagine the world we really want to live in

Let us re-imagine the world we really want to live in

WWF International

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video

  • could make us realise
  • we have to save the planet
  • put more and more pressure on the planet
  • cleared vast areas
  • over half the Earth’s fertile land
  • replaced wildlife with livestock
  • a major cause of climatic change and nature loss
  • pushing our planet toward ecological collapse
  • exploitation of the planet
  • zoonotic diseases
  • physically closer to wildlife
  • exposes us to the diseases they carry
  • intensive meat production
  • the greater the potential of a new pandemic to arise
  • high population density
  • global travel
  • spread quickly
  • how vulnerable we all are
  • forced us to pause
  • a devastating global shock
  • to ask what is truly important
  • health, clean air, famiGloly, nature
  • how we might reset our world
  • to avoid ecological collapse
  • to cure or contain COVID-19
  • a future in balance with the natural world
  • keep ourselves and the planet healthy
Swimming in ice cold water ! Would you take the plunge ?

Swimming in ice cold water ! Would you take the plunge ?



Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh is training for the hardest swim of his life, a kilometer across a lake on the Antarctic ice sheet. in order to raise awareness for climate change.

Visit Lewis HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • He swims to protect and preserve our oceans
  • Most hostile waters
  •  A new challenge
  • Super glacial lake, on top of the ice sheet
  • As a result of climate change
  • Facing extreme conditions
  • Not only will the water be absolutely freezing but the air temperature could easily reach in the -30
  • Right on the edge of human endurance
  • Totally frozen
  • For over a decade
  • By far the toughest swim in my life
  • You many have noticed that
  • A wet suit or dry suit
  • You’ve got to be bravado ( a show of courage)
  • I’m urging world leaders
  • Taking important hard decisions
  • Speedo swimming trunks
  • They grab peoples attention and lead to real change
  • Agreed to protect
  • Straight after this swim
  • No industrial fishing
  • Allowing this area to recover  and restore itself





where-is-antarcticaThe Long Swim


Lewis Pugh took on a huge challenge by swimming the length of the Channel – around 330 miles (530km) – from Cornwall to Dover. The swim, which he completed within 50 days, is part of the worldwide Action for Oceans campaign, which calls on governments to fully protect at least 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. This is his journey…

2019 Person Of The Year

2019 Person Of The Year

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

  • You are changing the world
  • The world is waking up
  • I’m just one of many faces
  • Our leaders need to start acting acordingly
  • Negative tipping points
  • People will realiase what power we actually have
  • The general awareness has been increasing
  • We need to spread that awareness
  • I don’t really care about social codes
  • We need to work together
  • To tell my grandchildren that we did everything we could
  • We did it for them, for the generations to come



Growing portraits with grass

Growing portraits with grass

[Great big story]

“Grass is something that most of us take for granted. We walk all over it, we lay on it and sometimes mow it down. Few appreciate grass the way Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd do. And yet their art can stop you in your tracks. By manipulating the natural processes that fuel life itself, these British artists blur the line between science, nature and art, all while drawing attention to climate change.” Read more about the artists HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • Grass is something we take for granted
  • We walk all over it
  • We don’t give it much thought
  • The magic of seeing them in print
  • Come to life and grow
  • Blur the lines between science, nature and art
  • Mega flooding scenarios
  • Severe weather events are happening
  • Time and time again
  • Increasingly more frequently
  • Biodiversity loss
  • Climate change
  • It was within our sight
  • Photosynthesis
  • We work with the seed
  • Germinate their seeds for about two weeks
  • The image develops over the period of weeks
  • We grow the grass vertically
  • The studio space
  • We turn it into a darkroom
  • The only light that the grass receives
  • Projected negative image
  • It produces more of the chlorophyll, more of the green pigment
  • The equivalent to a black and white photograph
  • But in tones of green to yellow
  • We can work really really large-scale
  • The resolution phenomenal
  • It’s part of a process of discovery
  • The mediums you work with
  • Part of our palette and materials that we play with
  • They can last indefinitely
  • When you can put the lights out
  • Someone who cares passionately about what they’re doing
  • I’m still a bit taken aback by all this grass

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