Let’s make Christmas amazing for everyone!

Let’s make Christmas amazing for everyone!

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video (in bold) :

C’mon everyone, we’re late!

Last call for passengers to Paris.

Mummy, can I give my pocket money to Neighbourly?

They’re helping families in need.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas in Paris. A family vacation.

But wasn’t someone missing from this festive celebration?


For this little carrot would spend Christmas at home.

But he often gets scared when left all alone.

Quaking in his roots, he had to make a stand.

And tackle the intruder, with traps he’d carefully planned.

Then all of a sudden, he had a bright idea.

Which almost dashed his hopes of seeing in New Year.

Roast carrot!

Fearing that his plans had left him quite exposed,

he made a hasty exit to become a snowman’s…


– Kevin? – Santa! Thank goodness you’re here.

Someone’s been trying to get in!

– Kevin! – Daddy!

But even though Kevin was a little worse for wear,

he was overjoyed to have everybody there!

I’m sorry about Paris.

At least we got to see the Trifle Tower!


Let’s make Christmas amazing for everyone!