Cute as a button

Cute as a button

[great big story]

This little old lady is Button, a 21-year-old margay at the Santa Ana Zoo. Native to the dense forests of Central and South America, these wildcats are tree-dwelling creatures whose wide feet and flexible toes allow them to climb, jump and hang from branches. As they rely on trees for survival, margays are extremely sensitive to deforestation. The illegal fur and pet trade have also made these wildcats a near threatened species. The best hope for their continued survival is to preserve their natural forest habitats.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• A tree dwelling cat
• Native to the dense forest in Central and South America
• Gives birth in the trees
• Wide feet
• Flexible toes
• They climb, jump and hang from trees
• Long heavy tails
• Keep the animals balanced
• Excellent night hunters
• Preying on birds, reptiles and even small primates
• Extremely sensitive to deforestation
• Illegal fur and pet trades
• Preserve their natural forest habitat

Would you let them have a sniff around your biscuits?

Would you let them have a sniff around your biscuits?

[time out London]

Vocabulary chunks from the video :

• A cat café
• A business plan
• A lot to get through
• Crowd funding
• Reapply for an entrepreneur visa
• To find a suitable property
• A landlord who would permit us to operate a cat café
• All sorts of things
• It’s all coming together
• Stroke a cat
• The pleasure of their company
• Additional responsibility
• Everything that comes with it
• They will try to steal your biscuits
• Cat rooms and food preparation rooms
• Never left exposed
• To exercise diligence
• Have a sniff around your biscuit
• Stay away from the biscuits