Come fly with me

Come fly with me


Green Renaissance

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • How they gain their altitude 
  • Non-motorised flight
  • You can learn a lot from watching their behaviour
  • Hanging under a paraglide
  • They don’t recognise you as a human
  • Vultures are just amazing characters
  • They will come and join you, they will follow you around
  • And that’s pretty unique
  • That makes it a really cool experience
  • That’s just the most incredible thing that I’ve done, nothing comes close

“Walter Neser works at the Vulture Conservation program in Magaliesberg, South Africa. He flies with the endangered Cape Vulture in an attempt to learn more about their behavior from the air.

South African vultures are in serious trouble, especially the Cape Vulture, which is critically endangered, with only 2900 breeding pairs remaining. Reasons for their decline are varied, but include problems such as pylon injuries, malicious poisonings, muti killings (medicine murder) and insufficient food sources.”  Green Renaissance

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