I do what I love every single day

I do what I love every single day

[Cannon Australia]

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Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • I’m a cinematographer
  • I have the absolutely best job in the world
  • I do what I love every single day
  • A camcorder
  • I felt very blessed that I fell into it at a young age
  • He’d been shooting films across Australia
  • Work for him as a cameraman
  • In the wildlife nature field
  • Recording this amazing world of ours
  • One of the joys of being a cameraman
  • Being able to share that vision with other people
  • May never actually get to see an elephant in the flesh
  • I can see improvements that I’ve made
  • Technically and also creatively
  • You should never stop pushing yourself
  • You can combine your love of those crafts with your personal interests
  • The great outdoors
  • We’ve only got one life
  • You might as well be doing what you love
  • I feel so blessed that I can go out there every day and do what I love

Job Profile  –  Cinematographer 

A cinematographer or director of photography, also known as DP or DoP, is the head of the camera and lighting crew working on a film or TV set. As a cinematographer you will be responsible for the development, look and feel of the images which will make up the final film.

To do this job you need to have a passion for film and photography. You also need to be a good communicator. If you are creative, have leadership skills and want to work in the film or television industry, then this career could be for you.

A common way into this career is to get experience of camera work by working your way up from a camera operator role. If you have a portfolio of photography or a reel of film work that you have produced yourself, then you could market this to get yourself known.

Your main tasks  would include :

  • visit a location (known as a recce) before filming to check  its suitability, access to facilities and lighting and sound potential
  • order filming and lighting equipment
  • test equipment such as lenses and filters to check their effect
  • manage all aspects of the filming, sometimes operating the camera
  • supervise the camera crew to decide on any special camera moves
  • work closely with the lighting team to decide on lighting techniques
  • review film footage with the director

Skills, interests and qualities

To be a cinematographer, you will typically need :

  • a passion for film and photography
  • knowledge and experience of camera equipment and lighting techniques
  • creative ability with a camera colour
  • colour-normal vision
  • excellent communication skills
  • the ability to work with a wide range of people
  • the ability to lead and motivate others
  • an eye for detail, and a steady hand
  • the ability to work well in a team and also independently
  • good IT skills”
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