A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool

A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool

Woolworths SA

We spoke to Merino wool farmer, George de Kock, about his love of farming and what makes Merinos special. Merino farming has been in George’s family for almost 200 years and his love of wool has been passed down from generation to generation.

Free to roam, George’s sheep are well cared for, eat all natural grass, and produce some of the finest wool in the country. As George says, ‘A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool.’

The care that George takes to rear his sheep means that the wool really is special. Produced for Woolworths, this wool is machine-washable, suitable to be tumble dried and moth repellent, making it great for winter knitwear. The wool is natural, great quality and long-lasting.

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• I started farming 25 years ago
• Merino sheep
• We’ve been here for about 200 years
• They don’t get housed at night
• They run freely
• They eat natural grass
• We handle them as little as possible
• I’ve trained as a vet
• We are the only country where the farmers adhere to a code of best practice
• A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool
• Excellent quality wool
• You tend to fall in love with wool
• It’s warm, it’s natural, it’s renewable
• It doesn’t end up in a landfill like your synthetics
• It doesn’t shrink
• They treat the wool, it’s insect repellent
• It will last, it does last forever
• Woolworths traditionally have always supported quality products
• A brand that is associated with quality products
• We keep them till they die of old age
• I like my sheep, I look after them


Would you shop at The Empty Shop?

Would you shop at The Empty Shop?

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Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • We came across it on a blog
  • A concept that has run in a few countries before
  • Joint Venture
  • Shop assistants/ stylists
  • Dress the mannequins
  • High end boutique
  • Consumers
  • Bring in the old garments
  • Fill the shelves
  • Turning donations on its head
  • Pass it on and donate it to charity
  • The home of high-end goods
  • A match made in heaven
  • Connected to charity
  • A project of this size and of this nature
  • We’ve put a lot of heart and a lot of good will to many many South Africans
  • Life limiting illnesses, like cancer, HIV and Aids
  • It was different from the norm
  • People have a very positive attitude
  • It was definitely a worthy cause
  • We’ve got donations from all our staff members
  • We set out to break the Brazilian record, or the world record
  • A rough breakdown
  • A great big thank you to all those individuals who became involved
  • Such an amazing drive for donations

How it works

The Empty Shop is a global charity initiative that encourages customers to bring clothes to the shop instead of taking them away.

The Empty Shop, invites shoppers to donate any item of clothing, bring it to The Empty Shop and hand it over to the shop assistant. The shop will be filled with donated clothes and mannequins beautifully styled with the items donated. Each night the shop will be emptied, leaving The Empty Shop ready to receive new donations again the following day.