The world’s biggest Party – Carnival

The world’s biggest Party – Carnival

Video Activity :

Students can watch this video about Carnival around the world and answer a series of questions about it. CLICK HERE

source : ISL Collective

Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Carnival

Vocabulary Chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • in Brazil, we speak Portuguese Brazil is in South America
  • the biggest festival in the world
  • there are more than 60 000 people participating in the Carnival parade
  • people who are on the stands watching
  • millions of people that dress up in costumes
  • Samba is a type of music
  • they didn’t have instruments so they made music with plates pots and pans spoons and forks
  • schools of Samba were formed schools
  • it is a competition amongst these schools of Samba
  • the communities work hard the entire year
  • they have to pick a theme and write a song
  • they make costumes and floats with decorated cars
  • there are around 5 000 people participating in the parade

I was born inside the Amazon Forest

I was born inside the Amazon Forest

For centuries, historians and scholars believed the Amazon rainforest was a pristine and untouched forest, a wild jungle that no man could tame. Research now shows that millions of people once lived in the Amazon and they transformed it to suit their daily needs. Quartz News follows archeologists into Brazil’s Amazon to learn how these ancient civilizations thrived without destroying the environment.

Open minds see no borders

Open minds see no borders

[let’s open our world]

Do you believe there is hope for the future? The world can be beautiful and open, if we want it. These children from around the world came together and discovered they are more alike than they ever imagined.

In the film “Dear mom and dad”, we document what happens when 48 children from 12 different countries meet at a CISV camp funded by momondo and run by CISV. We asked the children to write to their parents how they see the world in the beginning and the end of the camp. We are proud and honoured to have been able to document the beautiful feelings and thoughts shared by the children.

They don’t come from the same culture, speak the same language or wear the same clothes, but none of that matters: jokes are shared, hearts are opened and friendships across borders are made. READ MORE

To help spread the message beyond the camp, momondo has also created two FREE educational school activities, designed in partnership with CISV and based on activities run in CISV camps, to help children understand the importance of mutual tolerance and respect.  

The CLASSROOM  KITS are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese (versions in other languages will be available in 2018), and you can download them HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video : 

• To my dear family
• I was terrified of being away from home
• I felt insecure and nervous
• So much more different
• Meet them for the first time
• Getting to know them
• We are more alike
• We all get along
• People from a lot  of different places
• It does not matter how we are outside
• We are all humans
• Respect is the key
• There is hope for the future

Inspire me #14 – Classic Stories for your ears

Inspire me #14 – Classic Stories for your ears


[Guilherme Martins]

Saraiva  is Brazil’s largest retail bookstore, a centennial brand.  To promote their on-demand audiobooks they redesigned renowned vinyl record covers, featuring characters from classic literature books. 

Get the on-demand content HERE