From Timber to Tide

From Timber to Tide


Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Cutting firewood for the stove
  • Splitting logs
  • I had a good fortune to work in a cabinet-maker’s workshop on the weekends
  • Scraping and sanding
  • Working with wood
  • Taking care and time
  • Having a pride in your work
  • Knowing where the material comes from
  • Understanding the different natures that different woods have
  • Building a wooden boat
  • The great pleasure of launching her when she is finally in the sea
  • Here natural environment
  • Alive in the forest to being alive on the water
  • With another 100 years of life ahead of her
  • I wanted a boat that was strong and seaworthy
  • Dry warm accommodation below
  • Sail further afield
  • Built with your own hands
  • Having known the trees that the timber has come from to make that boat
  • It feels like an extension of yourself in a way
  • Like it’s your second skin
  • It’s like an instrument on the water
  • The closest thing you can make to an animal
  • I have chosen this path in life
  • A forester in Denmark
  • Ran a sawmill
  • Follow my passion
  • I hope to be able to pass this on to others

“Ben Harris  has been working with wood throughout the UK since the age of 15. First as assistant to a cabinet maker, then he developed his skills in furniture making, and his passion for wood and forestry by working in broadleaf woodlands. Later he tuned his skills in bespoke Oak-framed carpentry and went on to establish a sawmill and oak framing business in Scotland sourcing timber from the local estates.

In 2005 Ben moved to Cornwall to study and train in boatbuilding.  He has been building boats and sailing ever since.”

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[Gani Naylor]