Have you visited these unexpected places in Dubai?

Have you visited these unexpected places in Dubai?

From breathtaking stargazing and vast wetlands to fascinating desert discoveries and ocean shipwrecks, we’ve found the best hidden gems to visit in Dubai. Come along on a diving adventure, meet the wildlife thriving in the desert, and be enchanted by the spectacular desert sky.

This Great Big Story was made possible by Visit Dubai

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • Average cosmopolitan city
  • It’s a lively place
  • Rich in culture
  • Steeped in history
  • An array of landscapes
  • What sets it apart is its many unexpected surprises
  • A thriving trade hub
  • Set in the spectacular desert landscape
  • One of the most exciting discoveries of the 21st century
  • Unique artifacts
  • Are on public display
  • The worlds only live museum
  • Delve deeper into the story
  • The 3D Cinematic room
  • The bustling city of Dubai
  • The vast wetlands
  • It comprises of a variety of
  • More than 25 000  resident migratory birds
  • Flock to the area
  • Guided tours take visitors on a journey
  • Through the eyes of a conservationist
  • The emerald waters of the Gulf
  • Over 500 species of aquatic life reside in the pristine warm waters
  • One of the most popular dive sites
  • For advanced open water divers
  • That lie deep below
  • Diverse wildlife
  • Is home to over 200 species of native birds
  • Nomadic civilizations relied on heavily to survive
  • Observation towers
  • On a historical adventure
  • Visitors can enjoy cultural performances
  • In the dark of the night
  • A technique involving the sun and stars
  • Due to the constantly shifting landscape
  • Stars lit up the sky
  • It still impacts modern navigation
  • Settle in and let these legends transport you
Make room for your life #2

Make room for your life #2

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video
  • I started DJ-ing at the age of 11
  • I just used to head straight from school to the record shop
  • My house slowly filled up, they spilled over to the kitchen, down the hallway
  • Every room you can mention in the house has records
  • I do get annoyed with it
  • It drives me crazy
  • There’s just stuff everywhere
  • I’ve been doing it mish mash, wrong way round for years
  • Don’t touch my stuff
  • They’ve been a massive support to me in pursuing my passion
  • Get all the mess out-of-the-way and create space for them to live again
  • Come on seriously man
  • What can I say man I want to go and hug everyone in IKEA
  • I think he is super-duper happy now
  • This is the music room
  • I can focus my time and effort on my family
Make room for your life

Make room for your life

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video
  • I’ve been collecting trainers and loads of clothes
  • Every working minute going to boot sales and charity shops
  • Street style snaps
  • Blogging my outfit
  • An online look book
  • When I was out and about
  • Good second-hand trainers online
  • Surprisingly it’s going very well
  • It seems never-ending
  • An ongoing battle
  • One area where all of my stuff is
  • Storage that can fit the stuff I have in this room
  • That is so sick
  • It’s like a little showroom
  • Color coordination
  • That’s so cool