Yes, I can SEE what you are saying.

Yes, I can SEE what you are saying.

#Google AR glasses that can live translate audio to text.

Augmented reality can break down communication barriers – and help us better understand each other by making language visible. Watch what happens when we bring technologies like transcription and translation to your line of sight. #GoogleIO ↓

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

  • the real world
  • gives us new ways to accomplish this
  • understanding someone who speaks a different language
  • trying to follow a conversation
  • if you’re deaf or hard of hearing can be a real challenge
  • advancements in translation and transcription
  • in one of the early prototypes we’ve been testing
  • which is a strange thing
  • a new prototype we’ve been working on
  • you should be seeing what I’m saying just transcribed for you in real-time
  • kind of like subtitles for the world
  • break down language barriers
  • I’m actually looking straight into your eyes
  • you’re looking right at me
  • we’re more connected with the people and the things around us
  • giving people the gift of communicating with anyone no matter what language they speak
  • I think it is a really powerful thing
  • speaking naturally to someone
  • to understand and be understood
  • and it’s what we strive for every day
The magic of connection

The magic of connection

source : Vodafone UK


Keep connecting to the magic this Christmas, with Vodafone. #KeepConnecting Merry Christmas Marlowe, love Uma A broken leg means Marlowe can’t go sledging with his sister Uma. He won’t get to experience the first sprinklings of snow… not from outside, at least. The immersive augmented reality experience, with the feeling of haptic to transfer touch – powered by the real-time speed of our 5G network – show us that the future’s literally at their fingertips. With his TESLASUIT and his virtual reality headset, and with Uma’s 360-degree camera and her Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, means Marlow can enjoy the magical moments Christmas has to offer… even from inside. We’re celebrating the connection between siblings, and the way tech can bridge the physical gaps between us, now and in the years to come. Some of the tech in this story won’t be available for this Christmas. But it’s not too far away. Connect to the magic of Christmas This Christmas we’re committed to helping you #keepconnecting to the ones you love, and the moments that make Christmas special.

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