Meet Poppy the pig

Meet Poppy the pig

Great Home Ideas
  • Grossly overweight
  • Escape artist
  • A handful for her owner
  • A performing pig
  • You are the owner nd the trainer
  • Sit, stay, good girl
  • Candice has taught her all of these tricks
  • Go to bed
  • Set of hooves
  • Pigs are very smart animals
  • Ever since i was a baby
  • They will shout out the window
  • Can i pat your pig
  • One of her favourites is apple
  • Dried fruit
  • Puppy pre-school
  • She was the star of the show
  • They loved her
  • Movie contracts
  • No movie offers as yet
  • Grow old together
  • The biggest plus
Lara made my life brighter

Lara made my life brighter

 [Lara Guide Dogs]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • Tackles the streets
  • A guide dog
  • The Visually impaired
  • Bumping into obstacles
  • The change was so radical
  • Teaching orientation and mobility to blind people
  • To live autonomously
  • A new concept
  • If they are treated with respect

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The power of puppies

The power of puppies

[The Soul Pancake]

An interesting article from Love that pet 

The Benefits of Owning a Dog :


You already know how good a friend your dog can be. What you might not have noticed is how much more you talk to other people when you’re out with your dog. You’re simply more likely to interact with other humans when your dog is with you than when you are out for a walk by yourself.


Having a dog also increases the chances you’ll go for walks and play in the park. It’s harder to skip your morning run when your exercise partner is bouncing excitedly at the door with his leash in his mouth. How can you tell him you want to skip walkies today?


Perhaps the practice in nurturing is the reason behind the observation that kids with dogs tend to be more empathetic than other kids, all else being equal. They also tend to be more popular with their schoolmates and have healthy self-esteem. These are all good things for a child’s emotional and social development, whatever the connection with their canine friend might be. Read more