Motivating People to Excellence

Motivating People to Excellence


Vocabulary chunks on Motivation :

Things that can motivate you :

Money and rewards  – value the journey – the progress and process and not the end result

Success is a journey, not a destination

Hard work and effort

Desire to be the best

Work hard becaue they hate to lose

They sacrifice their time and work hard every single day to become the best

Helping Others

They are philanthropist

They want to see changes in people’s live – fight for a better future

Drive to help others to make the world a better place

Power and fame

Motivated by power and fame – politicians are a great example.

Inspired to become leaders and are driven to achieve greater power and fame in life

They chase power and fame

They want to lead


They want to prove that either they are right or someone is wrong

They want recognition for themselves or others

A drive for recognition

A strong force to achieving success in life


They are passionate about what they do

Your favourite sport? To travel somewhere you love?

When you are passionate about something you will think about it all the time

It can drive you each day to achieve what you want in life


You just need to understand what motivates you in life so that you can channel your energy through the right platform and achieve greater success in life.

What motivates you in life is something you need to discover if you want to achieve remarkable success.


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