Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle

WWF international
  • A wild life cameraman
  • The second largest rainforest
  • Explore this incredible place
  • How everything is connected
  • Don’t miss out
  • I can’t wait for you to join me
  • The green heart of Africa
  • Across six different countries
  • Tens of thousands of species call this home
  • I’m going to try as hard as I can
  • This huge variety of different species and the places they live is what we call biodiversity
  • One piece of a huge puzzle
  • The world’s biodiversity is declining rapidly
  • Fresh water and clean air
  • I find this quite worrying
  • Tracking gorillas through the forest
  • Checking out cool insects
  • Getting my feet wet
  • Trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive forest elephant
  • Stick around
  • I am super excited
  • It is critically endangered
  • Unfamiliar sights and sounds
  • Being destroyed at such a rapid rate
  • We wear masks
  • Wild gorilla
  • Their population is declining
  • Finding fruit
  • High up in the forest canopy
  • They live in families
  • Catch a glimpse of him
  • A silver-back gorilla
  • The head of the family
  • The forest thrives
  • Disperse the seeds throughout the forest
  • The ecosystem


Explore other rainforests around the world HERE

Only in Africa

Only in Africa

biggest leaf media

Visit the Nelis HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • An absolute passion for the primates
  • Such close proximity
  • Even the youngsters
  • Mothers with infants
  • A certain pose a certain look
  • It’s all about being observant
  • Keep an eye open
  • Animal behavior
  • The comfort zones
  • Working very closely with wildlife
  • Lighting conditions
  • A really great safari experience
  • To date I’ve done 45 gorilla tracks
  • More in-depth knowledge
  • Go on a safari
  • The difficult part
leave a legacy

leave a legacy

[Absa South Africa]

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • Dull and grey
  • Or so they say
  • Get old stop work
  • It’s just not, no way
  • Does much more than talk
  • His soul shines bright
  • Come what may
  • Wonderfully kind
  • Has given new meaning
  • The blind leading the blind
  • Children in need
  • Eyesight impaired
  • A veggie farmer
  • A lady of leisure
  • A national treasure
  • Alternative energy
  • Sparks her flame
  • Sustainable fuel
  • Top of her game
  • A champion is he
  • A fitness fanatic
  • Strong as steel
  • Smooth as silk
  • He looks 33
  • Well this is it
  • We are at the end
  • We need not be dull
  • Go grey or grow old
Let’s take you on an African Safari LIVE now

Let’s take you on an African Safari LIVE now


Jump onto a LIVE, interactive African safari. Twice a day our expert guides invite you to explore the African wilderness in safari vehicles and on foot. Together, we will search for everything from elephants and lions to flowers and landscapes.

Interact with your guide by asking questions through #safarilive on Twitter or via the chat stream located to the right of the feed on YouTube.

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, 01 May:
The Sunrise drive runs from 06:30 – 09:30 local time, which means start times of 00:30 EST, 21:30 PST, 05:30 in the UK [BST], 06:30 in Central Europe, and 15:30 Sydney time.
Our Sunset Safari runs from 15:00 – 18:00 local time, which means start times of 09:00 EST, 06:00 PST, 14:00 in the UK [BST], 15:00 in Central Europe, and 00:00 Sydney time.

Every week, on a Saturday Sunset Safari we bring you safariLIVES – a weekly catch up with all our favourite Big Cat stars. Catch safariLIVES from 16:00-18:00 local time, which means start times of 10:00 EST, 07:00 PST, 15:00 in the UK [BST], 16:00 in Central Europe, and 01:00 Sydney time

When safariLIVE isn’t live, you can view the feed from the Djuma Waterhole camera, from the heart of Djuma Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand/greater Kruger National Park area.


I am an African

I am an African

I Am An African

I am an African
Not because I was born there
But because my heart beats with Africa’s
I am an African
Not because my skin is black
But because my mind is engaged by Africa
I am an African
Not because I live on its soil
But because my soul is at home in Africa

When Africa weeps for her children
My cheeks are stained with tears
When Africa honours her elders
My head is bowed in respect
When Africa mourns for her victims
My hands are joined in prayer
When Africa celebrates her triumphs
My feet are alive with dancing

I am an African
For her blue skies take my breath away
And my hope for the future is bright
I am an African
For her people greet me as family
And teach me the meaning of community
I am an African
For her wildness quenches my spirit
And brings me closer to the source of life

When the music of Africa beats in the wind
My blood pulses to its rhythm
And I become the essence of sound
When the colours of Africa dazzle in the sun
My senses drink in its rainbow
And I become the palette of nature
When the stories of Africa echo round the fire
My feet walk in its pathways
And I become the footprints of history

I am an African
Because she is the cradle of our birth
And nurtures an ancient wisdom
I am an African
Because she lives in the world’s shadow
And bursts with a radiant luminosity
I am an African
Because she is the land of tomorrow
And I recognise her gifts as sacred

Wayne Visser © 2005

This is AFRICA

This is AFRICA

#safari live

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • African Ecosystem
  • Lazy herbivores
  • Ferocious predators
  • Treacherous banks
  • Lurking beneath the muddy surface
  • Hundreds of birds
  • A million animals come to feast
  • The grass is green on both sides
  • Feasting time
  • Take a toll on the herds
  • Panic, currents and cascading rapids
  • Astonishing number of deaths

The Mara River map.png

What’s your legacy ?

What’s your legacy ?

#Bethelegacy #Madiba100
Google Africa

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• To spark thought
• The legacy I’d like to leave behind is for others to find the courage
• To fight for equality and fairness
• To break creative boundaries
• To change perceptions
• Respect and hard work
• Breaking cycles
• Hope
• Forgiveness
• Education
• A lifetime of impact
• My legacy is optimism
• A catalyst for change
• To inspire people to be the change
• My legacy would be relentless compassion
• To make stories that last
• We are because of everyone around us
• Empowerment of others
• One of hope, one of justice and one of truth

Happiness is something you create

Happiness is something you create

[Green Renaissance]

There are only a few people who ever get to experience what animals do in their private lives. We only ever get to see glimpses of it.’ – Steve Benjamin

Steve is an underwater photographer. He has had some incredible encounters with creatures beneath the ocean’s surface, and he shares his passion with us.

Meet Steve HERE

Follow Steve on instagram_logoHERE

 [Green Renaissance visit their site HERE]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

Breathe in and breathe out
Ponder your existence
Calm down
The thing that they are most passionate about
Gets you up day after day
They are genuinely curious
Being in the water
One on one intimate experiences with wild animals
Wonder what you are
Interact with you
You can’t manufacture that
In their private lives
We only ever get to see glimpses of it
Happiness is something you create
You have to choose it
You have to work at it really really hard
Super passionate about it
Whatever makes them feel good in a positive way