How to test yourself for Coronavirus

How to test yourself for Coronavirus

Vocabulary Chunks related to COVID 19 to learn from video :

  • many people with covid19 have mild or even no symptoms
  • can spread the virus
  • with regular self-testing
  • we can slow the spread
  • help protect the most vulnerable in our families
  • please read the instructions in your kit
  • take the test
  • you’re going to swab your throat and your nose
  • if you’ve had a nosebleed
  • swab the other nostril or wait 24 hours
  • if you have a nose piercing
  • use the items in the test kit once only you cannot re-use them
  • take a throat swab
  • use hand sanitizer
  • a sealed wrapper
  • an extraction tube holder
  • an extraction tube
  • ensure you clean the surface
  • wash or sanitize your hands
  • being careful not to spill any of the fluid
  • pour in all the fluid
  • it is important that the fabric end of the swab does not touch your teeth, tongue or gums
  • you now need to swab the inside of your nostril
  • insert the same swab inside of your nostril
  • open the lid and place the fabric tip off the swab
  • place two drops of fluid on the specimen
  • read your results
  • you must wait 30 minutes to find out your proper result
  • If after 30 minutes you still only have one line next to “C” your result is negative
  • if you have two lines then your result is positive
  • if your result is positive you and your household must self-isolate
  • following government guidelines
  • then your test is invalid
  • follow the instructions carefully
  • a covid19 infection
  • you should seek medical advice
  • report a positive result
  • monitor the spread of the virus
  • place all the used test kit contents in the waste bag provided
  • place in your household waste
Together we are bolder, braver and stronger!

Together we are bolder, braver and stronger!


KING & COUNTRY just released their powerful video for their brand new song “Together (feat. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly)” which brings multiple ethnicities, nationalities, and styles to form one powerful voice and a message all of us need right now.

Filmed in quarantine in the artists’ homes during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the new music video for “Together” contains video submissions sent in from thousands of fans that remind us that what unites us is ultimately so much stronger than what divides us. “In a time where this virus is not isolated to one people group or country or social class – it has become the great equalizer,” shares Joel and Luke Smallbone. “It is helping us all reconsider this beautiful concept that we all bleed the same blood. And if we are able to unite, and support — be a neighbor to someone, serve someone, reach out to someone – how might those acts of kindness change the scope of our futures, together?”

Together Remix – Dance Music Video

Official Music Video :

The fun, the joy and the magic will never change 🎅🏽

The fun, the joy and the magic will never change 🎅🏽

This ‘Santa School’ is teaching soon-to-be St. Nicks how to spread holiday cheer during the pandemic 🎅

In US news and current events today, the Ministry of Fun Santa School is training Santa Claus for a Christmas season amid the COVID 19 coronavirus. A coronavirus Christmas sounds like a twisted TV special, but these mall Santa trainees are taking safety seriously before COVID-19 school. At this COVID 19 Santa school, these Santas will learn how to learn what kids want for Christmas while stopping the spread of COVID19.

Black Friday – Camping out for PlayStation 5

Black Friday – Camping out for PlayStation 5

  • The Covid Pandemic will have an impact on holiday shopping
  • Shopping from home
  • Hitting stores on Black Friday
  • Impacted by the Pandemic
  • Doors to remain closed
  • Usual crowds of shoppers
  • Looking for deals
  • Lined up outside of a store
  • First in line
  • Sold out everywhere
  • Camping out ahead of Black Friday
  • Cases continue to climb
  • Pandemic protocol
  • Food court
  • Social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Stand empty
  • Crowd control
  • Keeping precautions, staying away from people
  • Meanwhile all these stores open tomorrow morning
Let us re-imagine the world we really want to live in

Let us re-imagine the world we really want to live in

WWF International

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video

  • could make us realise
  • we have to save the planet
  • put more and more pressure on the planet
  • cleared vast areas
  • over half the Earth’s fertile land
  • replaced wildlife with livestock
  • a major cause of climatic change and nature loss
  • pushing our planet toward ecological collapse
  • exploitation of the planet
  • zoonotic diseases
  • physically closer to wildlife
  • exposes us to the diseases they carry
  • intensive meat production
  • the greater the potential of a new pandemic to arise
  • high population density
  • global travel
  • spread quickly
  • how vulnerable we all are
  • forced us to pause
  • a devastating global shock
  • to ask what is truly important
  • health, clean air, famiGloly, nature
  • how we might reset our world
  • to avoid ecological collapse
  • to cure or contain COVID-19
  • a future in balance with the natural world
  • keep ourselves and the planet healthy
A little love

A little love

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