What’s your life hack?

What’s your life hack?

source : Navigating Teel Life

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • hey everyone what’s up
  • a special edition of navigating teen life
  • our favorite life hacks
  • handy cooking hacks
  • it works fantastic
  • it’s super easy
  • easy to do at home
  • scotch tape
  • dipping your nails in cold water
  • it’ll harden the nail polish faster
  • one of my all-time favorite life-saving hacks
  • or anything of the sorts
  • the options are just endless
  • so I really recommend this
  • for this life hack all you’re going to need is ..
  • an ice tray
  • in the back of your phone case
  • here’s why, first it serves as emergency money for food
  • it just makes you feel more secure and less nervous overall
  • trust me it helps
  • a lemon and a q-tip
  • stick one end of the q-tip inside the lemon

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