Watchamacallit or Thingamabob

Watchamacallit or Thingamabob

Don’t Freeze in English…Keep Talking | English Fluency in Conversation

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video:

  • a thingamabob what do you call it um
  • what’s her face you know the girl with really long hair
  • it doesn’t matter whether you are native or a non-native speaker
  • we need to find a way to fill that gap to remember the word to give us time to recall it
  • speaking exams are notoriously scary
  • keep talking without stopping
  • placeholder names is going to come invery useful
  • the thingymabob
  • they are words that are used in replacement of a word or a person’s name when you can’t remember them
  • thingamajig or thingamabob
  • so when you can’t remember a thing or a person you can use thingamabob thingamajig or thingy
  • do you have one of those thingies
  • we say it quickly what’s his face what’s her face when you don’t remember a person’s name
  • don’t use it in a business context or a formal situation
  • what’s his name or what’s her name
  • for things you can use whatchamacallit
  • doodah and ujjumaflip doodah and usual flip can of course both be used for people or things

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