Do you know where Vilnius is?

Do you know where Vilnius is?

Wherever Vilnius is, Christmas here is magical. So, pack your bags and experience Christmas like never before. Find Vilnius HERE
Vilnius: you may have heard of it but can you pinpoint where it really is? Make your way to Vilnius before it becomes a not-so-hidden gem.

Vocabulary Chunks

  • Western Europe
  • Which one?
  • The undiscoverd jewel of …
  • Landmarks
  • Admirable city
  • In the heart of ….
  • Well kept secret
  • Colourful market
  • A perfect destination
  • Traveller
  • For obvious reasons
  • The pride of….
  • The old town
  • What if I told you that….
  • The capital of….
Where is Vilnius What Country is Vilnius in Vilnius Map

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