Do you look like your dog?

Do you look like your dog?

Vocabulary Chunks continued :

it’s obviously her dog

it looks like she’s got like a heavy social life
a smart dog
all right let’s bring out our next dog
oh my gosh

I think that’s a bit of a giveaway
they’re rough and mean they’re gorgeous
a power breed
to be honest with you that’s why i don’t thik that this that this is a good match
oh and he’s just really waggy

I think i’m right i think i’m right
I’m so good at this
oh that’s a beauty it’s a little scared
she reached her hand out to pet that dog
but maybe it’s a rescue who knows

oh you’re so cute
oh oh my goodness these are so adorable
this is a designer expensive dog that’s not to say that it makes it better
she’s very petite

this is frenchy mocha
mocha probably goes to a pet salon
what is this like this kind of pitbull
I suck at this i did way better than i thought i did
let’s have the dogs match up with their owners
okay let’s see what we were right about
I would have never guessed
my dog only understands like chinese commands
that’s a good way to have your dog only obey you
how long have you had riley

how did you get your dog
my mom wanted to breed collies
so he was always there for me
he’s in my bed when i’m sick

I get to give him a hug when i’m sad
I’m glad they keep eachother happy
what kind of dog is this
he’s actually an american staffordshire terrier

really oh okay i would have never known
he’s actually a service dog
he’s task trained to help me
he’ll like guide me through spaces that if i get agoraphobic]

he can do light switches and the electronic door handles

I rescued him when he was a little puppy
what’s your favorite thing about leo
he just loves me no matter what

he’s always there for me
he does have a lot of energy though so i do have to take him out quite

I’ve always wanted a frenchbulldog
they’re not the cheapest dog in the world
he was lost and almost got hit by a car
I feel like everybody should have a dogs
they just bring so much joy

and so much warmth into your home

and they love you unconditionally
everybody should get a dog
every dog is different every breed isifferent

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