How to pass the ECCE Speaking Exam – Tips and useful phrases – Sample videos

How to pass the ECCE Speaking Exam – Tips and useful phrases – Sample videos

Sample of a complete ECCE speaking test :


Sample Speaking Prompt HERE

Hellenic American Union Speaking test for the ECCE test

Prompt used in following videos can be found HERE

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 2 and 3 explained in detail  CLICK HERE 

Additional Speaking Prompts HERE

Useful tips HERE



Burlington Books Functional Language Tips :



HAU Functional Language tips :

ECCE Stage 3


ECCE Stage 4


Commenting :

I see

That’s a common problem

I can imagine how he/she feels

It’s a difficult decision to make

It’s not easy to decide…

Both options sound interesting


Summarize problem :

As you said your…. has a problem with…. and there are two solutions/options

On the one hand he could……. as  you said he will…….

On the other hand………  as you mentioned this will……

Both options could work but I would choose…..

If I were in that position I…..

…….ing sounds interesting / a bit boring

….. seems like a better choice than…. because

Present solution / Give advice

I think you should….

It’s a tricky situation but…

If I were ….. I’d…..

Explain your choice

In this way he/she could….

Even though you said….. (the disadvantage) I think it will not be a problem because he could……(make it positive)

This will allow him / her to…..

Explain why you did not choose the other option

I didn’t choose…. because…

I don’t think ….. is a good idea because as you said….. (disadvantage) so this would……

Describe a simillar experience

I was once in a similar situation and I ….




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