Together we are bolder, braver and stronger!

Together we are bolder, braver and stronger!


KING & COUNTRY just released their powerful video for their brand new song “Together (feat. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly)” which brings multiple ethnicities, nationalities, and styles to form one powerful voice and a message all of us need right now.

Filmed in quarantine in the artists’ homes during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the new music video for “Together” contains video submissions sent in from thousands of fans that remind us that what unites us is ultimately so much stronger than what divides us. “In a time where this virus is not isolated to one people group or country or social class – it has become the great equalizer,” shares Joel and Luke Smallbone. “It is helping us all reconsider this beautiful concept that we all bleed the same blood. And if we are able to unite, and support — be a neighbor to someone, serve someone, reach out to someone – how might those acts of kindness change the scope of our futures, together?”

Together Remix – Dance Music Video

Official Music Video :


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