Actually this is a school

Actually this is a school

Chunks of vocabulary to learn from video :

  • So good to see you this morning
  • Held completely outdoors
  • Indoor time
  • Lead teacher and founder
  • Nature school
  • No walls, no desks and no computers
  • Climbing barefoot is encouraged
  • Reading, writing and arithmetic
  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Great learning taking place with young children
  • Explore nature
  • Valuable principles
  • A preschool curriculum
  • Naturally at their own pace
  • A story to tell
  • Alarming trend
  • Less time playing outside
  • The connection to the natural world withers
  • Create a positive and intimate bond
  • The weather turns cold and rainy
  • No matter what the weather is
  • Appropriately dressed
  • They love going to school
  • The outdoor school idea is growing
  • An inherent benefit
  • Outdoor preschool
  • Get that energy out
  • The educational system
  • Building codes
  • Better behaviour and academic performance
  • Formal research
  • It’s not about the academics
  • Formal academic learning
  • At desks and in front of computers


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