Virtual Walking Tour – Covent Garden , London

Virtual Walking Tour – Covent Garden , London

Virtual Walking Tours – Living walks

Experience London City ambience before and during lockdown (with more lockdown footage at the end). We start with a walk around Covent Garden, London in the rain. Soak up the city ambience and warm lights as we walk famous Covent Garden on a rainy evening. We finish with London’s silent streets during the corona virus lockdown. Our virtual walking video of Covent Garden begins in the heart of the Piazza. As both evening and rain begin to descend, we explore both North and South Halls and the bustling lower level. Exiting Covent Garden we head towards the Covent Garden Tube Station before turning down Floral Street. We cut through Floral Court to end up on King Street. Main footage was filmed in January 2020, with lockdown footage filmed in May 2020.

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