Are you ready for the ECPE (Proficiency) Speaking – Functional Language for each stage and sample video

Are you ready for the ECPE (Proficiency) Speaking – Functional Language for each stage and sample video

Functional Language for all 5 stages of the ECPE Speaking test

Stage 2

Student A

Ok let me tell you about my two options

Lets see…

First there is …..

It says here….

It also says that…..

The only drawback is ….

That’s all the information I have about the ……..course

Now let me tell you about the other option…

So those are my options, Which one do you think sounds best?

Student B

Well, If I were you, I’d go for the first option you told me about , the…….

Stage 3

Student A

So we need to make our final choice of who we’re going to recommend for the position of…..  The candidate/option I chose is…. And the one you chose is…  So let’s compare the two

Let’s look at at the similarities…..

Let’s look at their qualifications… / the location / the price / the facilities

I see what your saying… but we shouldn’t attach too much importance to academic credentials alone..

The way I see it sometimes (experience)_ can be just as crucial as ,,,,,

Do you think ……  is something we should consider when choosing ……

Both of them…..

…… is better at…. This is something we should take into consideration when choosing ….because….

One difference is…

We need someone who is………

So it looks like we’ve decided that …. is our final choice right

It’s a tough choice though, isn’t it?

Planning  Stage 4 ( two minutes given – this part is not scored )

Talk together to decide which two bullet points (reasons) each one of you is going to cover and help each other with ideas of how you are going to justify these reasons (supporting details)

Decide who is going to start presentation.  Don’t forget an introduction (Student A) and conclusion (Student B)

Stage 4

ECPE STAGE 4 ....jpg

Student A

After careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that….is the most suitable…. for …….

My partner and I where impressed by this option for a number of reasons…

The first reason why we believe X would be the best option is..  This would mean that…. It would benefit our company …..

Equally important is the fact that this…..

Another advantage is that fact that… By this I mean that……

And now my partner (name) will continue with 2 more points in favor of…. or

…. will continue with further detalis about our reasons for choosing this ….. to recommend to you

Student B

Another factor that played a role in our decision was that ….. what this means is that…..

One more reason why we believe X would be the best choice is….  By this I mean that…

We also considered it important that……

A final reason is that…. This would certainly be an asset for …  OR

The final point we took into account when making our decision was that….

We believe it is important that …. should/can

As we all know…..

We, therefore believe that for all these reasons, the fact that  …a  …b… c… d…  X would certainly be the best choice for…  OR

So those were the main reasons that my partner and I would like to recommend that you choose …….. for ….

Stage 5

I understand your concern regarding…..

I do understand what you mean….

It might seem as a problem but the way we see it is…..

That is certainly a potential drawback of this option, I would say however…. We coud…. for example…..

I see your point…. What I’d suggest

That way we can …..


Sample video of a complete ECPE speaking test :

[Michigan Language Assessment]

Test Taker Prompt HERE

Examiner Prompt HERE

Test Score and Commentary HERE

ECPE speaking test additional speaking prompts HERE and  HERE 

Hellenic American Union Speaking test for the ECPE test

Prompt used in following videos can be found HERE

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4 and 5

Useful TIPS for Stage 2 – Read more HERE 


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