Every single day I live life

Every single day I live life

Green Renaissance

“Every single day I live life. It is living today. It’s not about ‘someday I’ll do this’… that may never come. You do it now.’

Joel made a decision to move out of the city, and create a more natural way of life for himself. And the positive benefits on his health have been incredible. Take a listen to his story…

We “Green Renaissance”, make these short films as passion projects, to share inspiration. You can help us make more films like this by making a tiny donation, so we can continue this journey with you – @ greenrenaissance

Who is Green Renaissance? We are a tiny collective of 4 passionate filmmakers (Warren, Jacky, Michael and Justine). We live off-grid and dedicate our time to making films that we hope will inspire and share ideas.

Green Renaissance

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• No shortcuts
• It’s hard work it’s not that easy
• My prime years
• Doctor’s rooms
• I changed the whole way of eating
• Allopathic drug
• It’s a holistic situation
• Growing my own food
• Clean water
• My priority
• It’s the air I breathe
• It’s pure free of chlorine and chemicals
• Every single day I live life
• Living today
• That may never come, you do it now
• It’s quite amazing
• Every day I am grateful that I’m here
• But that’s not the word I’m looking for
• It’s an absolute privilege to live out here


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