What will you remember?

What will you remember?

Children see the world so clearly. The beauty of it. The possibility of it – even in the midst of uncertainty. We have been asking children, from around the world, to tell us what they’ll remember when COVID-19 is over. Truth is, when these uncertain times end, and they will, learning from what our children remember of these times can help us build a world we all deserve.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • What they’ll remember when it’s  over
  • I’ll remember what I learnt
  • I’ll remember doctors and nurses gave their lives to protect us
  • I’ll remember people who worked on streets, while we stayed safe at home
  • I’ll remember countries stopped fighting and started helping each other
  • I’ll remember people sent messages of hope to each other
  • I’ll remember we found new ways to have fun
  • I’ll rember blue skies, animals and birds came back to our cities
  • I’ll remember how mom and dad became more than mom and dad
  • I’ll remember we took more care of everyone old
  • I’ll remember our teachers teaching us that learning never stops
  • I’ll remember we gave homes to those who couldn’t go back to their own
  • I’ll remember everyone playing hairdresser
  • I’ll remember some people gave more than what they had
  • I’ll remember we did our best to keep each other safe
  • When we get through this and we will, let’s remember what got us through this







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