The future of eating

The future of eating

In Germany, start-up ‘GreenGuru’ provides urban professionals who are too busy to prepare a wholesome lunch with nutritious snacks and meals. Healthy eating has become a trend – and it’s even beneficial for the environment.


Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

  • Rush hour
  • The founders of start-up Green Guru
  • A gap in the market
  • Urban professionals who are too busy to make their own lunch
  • Instant gratification
  • Everything at a touch of a button
  • They consider healthy eating important
  • The trend is reflected in super market sales
  • Demand for wholesome fresh juices is souring
  • Ready meals full of additives and preservatives
  • Fresh produce
  • The ready meal segment is stagnating
  • Nestle is a market leader
  • Investing heavily in research
  • Provide nutritional solutions for consumers
  • Based on their genetic make up
  • A custom made diet for better health
  • The head of Nestle Germany predicts that this will be the next big thing
  • No one size fits all
  • A number of other parameters
  • Food manufanctures
  • Online nutritional advice services
  • The statistics mainly reflect rough averages
  • These days a growin number of Germans
  • Switching to vegetarian diets
  • The number of Vegans has risen in recent years
  • A sustainable future
  • A trend that will continue to grow
  • Butchers beg to differ
  • There will always be a demand for meat
  • Throwing away as little as possible
  • It tackles food waste with technology
  • They are sold at a discounted price
  • It’s all about reducing waste
  • To produce food on demand
  • With a click of a button



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