Vocabulary Chunks – Crime

Vocabulary Chunks – Crime

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Vocabulary chunks on the topic of CRIME 

Commit serious offences

Serve a sentence

Political prisoner

Young offenders

Juvenile crime – crime relating to young persons

Obey the law

The fight against crime

Breaks into a house

Steals your car

A person steals something – but robs someone or an institution (bank)

Tackle crime / combat crime

The crime rate has increased

Petty crime

A new law has been introduced / passed

The police enforce the law

Forbids/ prohibits smoking in public places

These regulations/ rules apply to all

Appear in court

Go on trial

Be severely punished

Pay a heavy fine

Face the death penalty

Suffer the consequences


They must also prevent crime and make communities safer

There should be an increase in the number of police officers on the streets

They should be involved with education and prevention

Fines are used as punishment for minor crimes

If the crime is more serious, prison is the most common punishment

Some criminals pose a threat to society

Another aim of prisons is rehabilitation

Prisoners receive education of vocational training

Rehabilitation aims to make them better citizens

Rehabilitated prisoners are less likely to re-offend

Community service is a way to reform offenders

It could be a solution to prison overcrowding

It avoids the cost of imprisonment

It makes offenders useful in their local communities

They are required to clean streets or talk to school groups

Offenders repay their community

They avoid the negative influence that prison can have

The media report crime stories in order to increase their audience

Crime rates are not necessarily reduced

Supporters say that capital punishment deters crime

Executing prisoners creates a violent culture and encourages revenge

We have no right to take another human life

source : tahasoni.com


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source :  dcielts.info


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