Home is where the nest is

Home is where the nest is


He just might be the biggest bluebird landlord in Idaho. Al Larson has built and placed more than 350 wooden nest boxes throughout the state’s southwest. The birdwatcher started the project in the late 1970s after reading how important the shelters are to the survival of bluebirds. Today, at the age of 97, he is still at it. Larson monitors the little houses to record vital data about the number of eggs and nestlings. To date, Larson has helped fledge over 40,000 bluebirds.


Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :


  • I am attracted to the bluebirds because of  their beauty
  • I’m 97 years old or young
  • Over 40.000 nestlings
  • I’m a birdwatcher
  • When I retired in the late 70’s
  • Their population has been declining
  • A nest box
  • I should put up more boxes
  • I came up with the solution
  • As simply as possible
  • With just 4 sides
  • More than 350 nest boxes out
  • I monitor the boxes regularly
  • The nesting cycle
  • To see if my colour matches the sky
  • I’m gratified to know that I’ve helped the bluebirds increase their population
  • I’ve inspired many many  other people to help other creatures as well
  • My message is you’ve got to be active if  you’re going to get old
  • So think about the future
  • Plan ahead

How to mae a simple bird house



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