dreaming big

dreaming big

visit California

Pro-skater Bob Burnquist has done turns on almost every surface imaginable, including a floating skate ramp on the crystal-blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Surrounded by majestic peaks, this High Sierra gem is definitely one for your bucket list. Winter and springtime snow lets you carve it up at world-class alpine resorts, while summer brings out the water toys—sailboats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and more.

Vocabulary Chunks to learn from video :

  • Dream as big as I can
  • Make it happen
  • I love wild ideas
  • The freedom to manifest them
  • It’s a floating ramp
  • All this work will be for nothing
  • All my dreams came true
  • Wake up, dream it, make it happen
  • A mega ramp
  • It just doesn’t end
  • I’m living it everyday




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