Real Magic

Real Magic

Great Big Story

Tim Linhart was sculpting ice in Colorado when he decided to try something new  : creating a giant, frozen violin. When a friend jokingly asked how Tim thought his violin would sound, it sparked an idea. Why not make an entire, functional orchestra out of ice? That was 21 years ago. These days, Tim is based in Sweden and gathers his icy ensembles to play in cosmic igloos. Grab a seat, and best don’t forget your coat.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video

  • An ice instrument
  • The purity and the clarity
  • A wooden instrument
  • An acoustic material
  • The founder of ice music
  • The idea first came to me about 21 yeas ago
  • An ice sculptor
  • To build a giant violin
  • The instruments are made of white ice
  • A mixture of snow and water
  • The ice part takes about  5-6 days
  • Classical music
  • A wide variety of different things
  • We’ll put on about 45 concerts
  • The concert hall
  • A giant ice cave
  • They cannot wrap their brain around a piece of ice making a sound
  • Very pleasantly surprised

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