Welcome to the jungle #2

Welcome to the jungle #2

WWF international
  • Incredible animals
  • To focus on the big things
  • Just about anywhere
  • Now this insect has blown my mind
  • Most diverse creatures
  • A master of disguise
  • Fiercely protective of their nests
  • They are oblivious to the danger they’re in
  • Staple diet
  • They have the power to change landscapes
  • To feed their colony
  • The nutrients disperse into the soil
  • Nutrient rich hotspots
  • Open grasslands
  • Thick dense forests
  • The part they play is irreplaceable
  • Countless species
  • To be transferred up the food chain
  • Break them down
  • Start the cycle all over again
  • The impact they have on our environment is monumental
  • Deep dark jungles
  • Swampy clearings
  • Vital meeting place
  • Numerous species
  • You never know what is going to show up
  • It is the middle of the day
  • Seek shelter in the forest
  • Mineral pass into the soil
  • The more dung gets left here the richer these bais become
  • Large mammals
  • A different chain of events
  • These fish launch themselves out of the water
  • An entire food chain
  • Reclaimed by the forest
  • Where poaching is heavy
  • Closing up entirely
  • Everything here works in perfect harmony
  • The balance of this entire ecosystem would shift
  • Things we take for granted


Explore other rainforests around the world HERE

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