we are all equal

we are all equal

Green renaissance

“Connect with people. Listen to them. By engaging with someone one-to-one, you have a fundamentally more rich experience.” – Anton Crone.

These days, people seem to think that engagement is shouting at each other across Facebook. But that’s not it. The way you engage, the language you use, your body language – that’s all being missed. We need to make time for those real connections.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• And it just says
• Life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be life
• I was going through a hard time
• I started photographing mainly people
• A lot of ancient traditional cultures
• Contemporary cultures
• Connecting with people
• Engaging with them
• Opposing views
• A more rich experience
• How would you call it
• It becomes a complete confession
• Develop a relationship with them
• For weeks at a time
• Engaging with people face to face
• Body language
• To learn about where they’re at
• We are all equal
• Having people around you
• Doing what you love

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