Black Panther

Black Panther

Joburg Ballet

The incredible global success of ‘Black Panther’ has placed Africa at the epicentre of contemporary popular culture. For centuries, this continent has been eroded and exploited by the forces of colonialism and globalisation. Through the fictional nation of Wakanda, the film gives us a glimpse of how Africa might have prospered had these forces never existed. Although we can never change our past, ‘Black Panther’ shows us how important it is to protect and preserve our African-ness now and for future generations.

Joburg Ballet jumped at the opportunity to incorporate a Wakanda-inspired episode into our #BreakingBallet series. It features the indomitable Monika Cristina, Kitty Phetla and Claudia Monja as Dora Milaje warriors, laying down a challenge to any would-be adversaries of African culture. Visit Joburg Ballet HERE


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