Find your path

Find your path

[great big story]

It takes a special bond between horse and rider to compete in a 100-mile-long race. For professional endurance rider Uma Mencia Uranga, it’s a bond that began in childhood in the Basque Country of northern Spain and eventually led her to pursue a riding career in Dubai. Today, she lives a busy (but fulfilling) life in Dubai—with mornings spent at school in the city center, and afternoons training in the breathtaking landscape nearby. Ten years after moving to the city, Uranga is at home in Dubai.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• My world was very much centered around the horse
• A long distance
• You are becoming one
• An endurance horse rider
• Long distance racing
• Through open landscapes
• Puts you in a state of concentration and peace
• As you travel as you wander through it
• Ride in the desert
• Something that would bring me back and keep me here
• It’s a city of contrast
• I’ve been mesmerized by its organic shapes
• As the sun rises and sets
• It has moved me the most
• It makes me love this place


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