3 Minute English #4

3 Minute English #4

[BBC Learning English]

Vocabulary chunks

whirlwind romance – romantic relationship which develops quickly

tying the knot – getting married (informal)

blind date – romantic meeting of people who don’t know each other

fell in love – became romantically attached (to someone)

engagement – promise of marriage

5 thoughts on “3 Minute English #4

  1. Hello there,

    Thank you for the 3 Minute English #4 post. I reblogged it and I expected it to have a ‘continue reading’ section under the video so that readers would have to click to your website to read the ‘Vocabulary Chunks’. However, this did not happen. I went to my Dashboard to insert the ‘Read More’ tag, but only your heading is showing, no video or vocabulary, nowhere to place the tag.

    So, I deleted it all and started again! Copying and pasting as before. I hope you don’t mind the way I’ve presented it. Let me know if you have any concerns.



    1. Mary Hi,

      You will find the “reblog” button of each post by clicking on the title of each post from the home page. This takes you to a page with just that particular post on it. The reblog button appears at the end, next to the “like” button. For some reason it does not show on the main page of my blog. Try it and let me know. Thanks

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